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3D-Album Picture Pro Platinum v3.1

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designWant to push your creative motivation to a higher level? PicturePro Platinum offers a number of professional authoring tools through which you can create professional multimedia presentations with a sophisticated control flow. 3D-Album PicturePro Platinum brings unique and creative ways for all your needs in handling digital images.

The unique 3D Picture Showcase Tool lets you show, present, exhibit, animate, publish, walkthrough, and even design photo games. Choose from over 100 fabulous 3D styles in the still growing collection for amazing themes such as wedding, reunions, graduations, parties, new babies, and many other special occasions. Create applications for pop-and-play CDs without any software installation. Share you albums with your family and friends and surprise them with your creative presentations. Make your karaoke MTV with your own photo collections and favorite MP3 or WMA songs. Create stand-alone desktop programs, screensavers, HTML pages, and share your albums for special events via email and the web. Publish your digital catalogs, multimedia portfolios, and yearbooks. Create your photo quizzes to test your kids' or friends' savvy. Make stylish and intriguing 3D movie players combined with your photos and music in the background. Advertise your artworks or products via your own screensaver distribution.

The complete Graphic and Photo Editor lets you paint, draw, decorate, illustrate, edit, and even create photos like a pro with easy and automatic tools. It integrates a complete set of drawing and painting features making 3D-Album not only an image editing tool, but also a powerful creating tool that will significantly enhance your creativity and boost your productivity. What is more, the 3D-Album Photo Editor includes many unique features such as 3 dimensional photo composition; 3D layer styles; 3D and vector brush design; creative vector stroke and mesh fill. Whether you are an ordinary digital camera owner or a professional graphic designer, 3D-Album provides two sets of user interfaces: one contains the basic tools for you to do common tasks with a step-by-step guide; another contains a complete set of top-notch tools through which you can do advanced work efficiently. You can always start with the easy tools, which will inspire you to keep pushing your creative motivation to a higher level.

The professional Page Layout and Design Tool lets you design, document, publish, and print photos like an expert. With hundreds of creative, rather than "cookie-cutter" templates including contact sheets, album pages, standard photo sizes, seamless and borderless printing, catalogs, calendars, greeting cards, CD/DVD disc labels, flyers, and many other special designs, you'll make professional printing with ease. Specialized layout tools help you make precise adjustments. 3D-Album integrates a complete set of text, drawing, and creation tools that makes the 3D-Album not only a photo printing utility, but also a powerful page design tool that will significantly enhance your creativity and boost your productivity.

Advanced Photo Organizer lets you categorize, annotate, describe, sort, search, group, voiceover, and quick fix your photos via a set of efficient and powerful tools. Automatically manages categories. Drag and drop photos to change categories, Browse photos in a category tree the same way as you browse a normal folder tree. Search photos by name, size, date, and keywords. Easily organize and find photos by subject and categories. Sort out your photo CDs by virtual thumbnails without physically copying the image files into the folder. Create annotations with category, place, calendar, keyword, voice, copyright, and footnote. Displays information and create description from EXIF recorded in your digital camera. Save time by renaming, resizing, correcting, or converting groups of photos at once. Use design templates to batch create new images from the photo source in batch. Get your photos done quickly by batch processing and batch editing including format conversion, auto size reduction, renaming, overlays, touch-up, and crop.

Professional Multimedia Authoring Tool provides experienced users more flexibility in multimedia publication with added controls for accurate editing. The 3D-Album PicturePro Platinum allows you to define hot spots -- particular areas in an image that take actions such as playing sound or video, displaying information, opening another album, turning to a page, or linking to a web site, when clicked or the cursor is over. Timeline provides experienced users the added control of accurate editing. With the timeline editor, you can synchronize photos with music by dragging the photo thumbnails along the music track. With a single click on the menu, you can instantly spread photos to fit the length of the music.

The Video Capture Utility creates DVD-ready video files and other movie formats directly from your 3D animated photo showcase (not with PictureEZ.) Get your photos out of your computer and into your living room by creating DVDs or Video CDs. Mix multiple photo presentations on a single DVD disc or create karaoke DVDs using your own photo collections with stunning 3D effects. The video capture utility embedded in the 3D-Album lets you convert your 3D-Album presentations into DVD, SVCD, and VCD ready files and produces video in AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, Windows Media, and RealVideo formats.

System Requirements:128 MB RAM with Windows 98 or NT4.0+, or 256 MB RAM with Windows 2000 or XP; a 600 MHz or higher PC; a 3D graphic accelerator with 16 MB RAM; 400 MB free hard disk space; and a CD-ROM or DVD drive.

Looks good,tested and working...not my D/L links.
Either burn CD in UltraISO or mount in DAEMON Tools(whichever)....530Mb.
Have fun.

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