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How to Create a Blog Using Blogger

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A blog is simple to use and easy to maintain. It's no wonder Blogger is the most popular blog platform available today. If you're interested in beginning a blog using Blogger, This brief primer will take you through all of the necessary steps. Soon, you'll be blogging like pro!

Step 1

Begin by visiting the homepage and clicking on the orange arrow that says "Create Your Blog Now".

How to Create a Blog Using Blogger
Step2: Enter Your Information

Enter your email address, password, the name or nickname you would like displayed on your blog and security information. Click on the box to accept the Terms of Service.

How to Create a Blog Using BloggerStep 3: Give Your Blog a Name

Name your blog by entering the blog's title and address. For most bloggers, the title and address are the same thing. Have second and third choices available for each, however. Your first choice might already be taken.

How to Create a Blog Using BloggerStep 4 : Templates

Choose a template from the many available designs.

How to Create a Blog Using Blogger
Step5:Start Posting

You are now ready to post.

How to Create a Blog Using Blogger
Step 6 :It's Time to Blog!

Add a title, enter text and click "publish".

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