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Blogger Template: Sempoi

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This one is pretty neat, I think. Neat and simple. You can put up a large horizontal banner as you can see in the demo page. And like the previous template I've just made, Bannr, there're flexible number of columns - either 3 or 4 columns - and you can customize each one of them easily.

If you want to upload a header image of your own, the size is 860 x 120 pixels.

Overall, i think this one is really one of the nicest one I've made, in terms of its simplicity. If you've used one of my templates before, you'll know how darn easy it is to change the whole thing into how you want it to look like.

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At 10/24/2007, Blogger @}-- ruby --{@ said...

hi! thanks for this cool template. i use it for my ebooks blog. i made some modification to add some more colum and linkbars. you may want to visit my blog to see how your template turned into...

by the way, how do i put on my blog the recent comments and recent post like you have? is it a widgets? do you mind sharing the scripts for it? thanks again.

At 10/24/2007, Blogger Iphone support said...

Thanks for your comment.
I've seen your blog..
Hope you happy with this template.

At 10/26/2007, Blogger muckdog said...

I'm trying to implement your Sempoi template. This is an awesome template. You did a wonderful job.

I'm struggling with CSS moving to a new template. I *almost* have it. The one issue is that I like to embed pictures, and blog using a bullet style.

I want the new CSS to work like this on my current blog.

But right now, this is happening, with the text shoved under the picture.

(It works fine in Firefox, but IE shoves the text below the image.)

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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