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Having problems with my templates?

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've noticed that some people who have been using my templates face some little bugs, mostly with alignment. When creating these templates, I have, at my best, tried to make sure that they're all bugs free and I have the tested version in the demo pages in IE and Firefox. So, carefully check the demo pages. But I surely can't control all the loose bugs flying off here and there in little places.

If I do find these bugs, I'll deal with them in two ways. First, I'll correct them by upgrading the template into a newer version and post it as a new template (with maybe some little changes on the template look that you can always change back easily later on). So, if you have these little problems, do check back in here to see the updated version or tell me about the problem in the comment section.

Second, I plan to make a short tutorial on how to go about designing and tweaking your Blogger template. I'll probably have them done in a couple of week or so, so do check on these to start fiddling with CSS your own way.

Some of the problems:

Most of them have their header section cut off that only a portion of the image shows up. If this is the case, most probably it's because you're using a template that has a Linkbar but you forgot to fill in the URLs. One other thing is probably you're using a template that requires you to put up your own header image, but you forgot to do so. In these cases, my advice is you have to read that template instructions carefully.

There are also some who have a problem with their footer background - it was cut short. Some of templates have the black-gray shade background in the footer. I was thinking that most footer is not very long vertically, so I made the background graphics to be relatively short. But I saw that some people using my templates have long footer that the background graphics is cut short and changes to the 'actual' background; mostly dark green. There are 2 solutions to these. If you know how to use the HTML code, point the background URL to a new background that lays out farther downward. The second solution is to make the 'actual' background blend with the black-gray shade; simply use the Fonts and Colors option in the Layout page to do this.

There are also some that have their sidebar text overlapping with the sidebar header. In my demo pages, I've made sure that this overlapping doesn't happen. But if they do happen in your case, I suggest you move the sidebar text further down from it's header (only it won't look the way it's suppose to look). I'll start putting up small tutorials on how to tweak your template, so check back in here to read these tutorials to tweak your template.


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