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Tips and problems when installing templates

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Here are some tips you can use to improve reliability on using these templates and some problems you might encounter when installing and how to solve them.

Tips on using background images:

The background images (images of the header, main background, content background, title bar, list background, etc) are stored in my flickr account. I can't guarantee the reliability on fetching these images all the time. So I suggest that you upload the images for a particular template that you're using and store them somewhere else. Simply get the image URLs from the xml code and change the URLs in the code (in red) to point to the new address of the images.

Example of code:
background: #000000 URL(http://...........) repeat left top;

Check all URLs in the CSS styling section and not just the first one you see in the code.

Caution with Header section alignment:
If your Header section look misaligned the first time you upload any template into your blog, that's probably because your Header Title and Description is too long and wrapped into a second line. If this is the case, shorten them or make them smaller. If not, it might be that your Linkbar is empty or your own uploaded header image size is wrong.

Caution with uploading your own Header image:
When you upload your own header image from the Header Layout page, the whole section or some part of it can be misaligned or cut off if your image is not compatible (having the right size) with the template. Read here for more details.

Caution with Linkbar:
If you use any template with linkbar, the Header section might look weird and cutoff the first time you upload it into your blog. It's because your linkbar is empty (without any links yet). So fill up you links and the Header section will turn to normal again.

When Blogger can't save your new template:
If Blogger can't save the template because there are more than one IDs (for example ID for LinkList, HTML, Adsense, etc), simply go back to your old template and delete all widgets (also called page elements) except the basic ones (like About Me, Labels, and Blog Archives) and reinstall the template. You can later add the widgets back on.

Read also some other common template problems here.

Report your problems here:
If you face some new problems when installing my templates or if you want to share some tips, put your questions or tips in the Comment section. I'll try to answer them as soon as I can.


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