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Another iphone template for blogger

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Another tamplete for iphone blog
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At 10/08/2007, Blogger pawan said...

hi,iam big fan of your blog my name is pawan, i downloaded the code and i just pasted it in my blogger edit templete ,afetr the settings were saved sucessfully,when i click i cant see my blog,i dont know what happened ,please tell me what to do,visit my blog,please give me reply,

thanking you very much,my email:,iam from india

At 10/08/2007, Blogger Blogtip said...

Hi pawan..
I found your error of your template that you using. I'll fix for you at the moment.

At 11/28/2007, Blogger Abhishek said...

hi plz also tell me that why my template is not working sfter saving pl plzz........

Tell Me..I am waiting for your reply

Or you can Contact me here

At 1/26/2011, Blogger ardi's blog said...

wow.. thanks..


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