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This template is another variation of the original template Basyc. The major change is that the Post column is placed in the middle. Plus, I made some minor code tweaking to make it a little bit different from the original template.

As usual, you need to upload a header image (900 x 200 pixels) and hide the default Blog Title and Blog Description texts. I saw some blogs that use my templates forgot to hide the Blog Title and Description texts; the header would have been much nicer if they hide these texts and made their own Title and Description texts as part of the header image graphic.

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At 2/28/2008, Blogger JiaYao said...

hello, i want your Template code, the
xml files of ,three colum is cool,. :), can you send your template xml to

At 5/10/2008, Blogger nhc1987 said...

Nice :)


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