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Blogger Template: NuBordr

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This is a variation of the original bordr template. Again, you have to upload your own header image (size: 950 x 150 pixels) and fill in the Linkbar URLs when first installing this template.

The major difference is that I made the large border thicker than in the Bordr template, plus some minor CSS changes in the layout graphics and positioning. Other than that, I made all the other font and color changes from the Fonts and Colors tab, which you can also do easily.

I made this template variation to show that you can do a lot of customization (or damage, however you will) from the Fonts and Colors tab alone. Plus, the thicker border might be more appealing to some other users.

I also put my template credit further down to the edge of the screen to 'hide' it from spoiling the beauty of your blog. This is my way of saying 'please don't delete my credit to this template design if you don't change the CSS code much'. To me, giving due credit to the rightful person is an important act of honesty - it can't get any more basic than this. It's understandable not putting the credit if a lot of changes and damages have been done to the CSS code; but if the code is as it is, or if the modification is less than 10%, or if the customization is only through the Fonts and Colors tab, then it should come from within to do the right thing.

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