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How to upload your own header image

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This guide will show you how to upload a header image with Blog Title and Description as part of the graphic. For this to work, you have to hide the default Blog Title and Description texts.


It's much better to use your own header image than the image already defined by the designer or just the simple plain background. For one thing, you can be sure to have a unique header compared to the rest of the blogs. The second reason is that you can write your blog Title and Description with much nicer fonts and color combinations.

Before that, you have to make sure that your image size will align well with the rest of the Header section. Turning the Title and Description text on or off can also mess up you alignment. For my templates, I've already given instructions for perfect alignment.

So, how to do this? Simple...

1. Go to the Layout > Template > Page Element. From there, click the Edit button for your Header. The screen below will pop up.

2. Upload an image from your computer. Make sure to that your image size is correct or otherwise your Header will be misaligned! Save your changes. (Don't forget to fill in your Title and Description in the text box above! You can turn the text off later.)

3. To hide the default Blog Title and Description text, click the Header Edit button again. Another screen will pop up, but with a slightly different option (see the screen below). Select the 'Placement: Instead of title and description'. This will hide your Title and Description from showing up on the blog (but still kept as your blog's information). If you don't want to hide your Title and Description text, simply click the other option.

4. That's it. All you really have to do is make sure that you've got a nice image to put up as your blog's header.


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