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This template I used for another blog: Software Tutorials, and I'm using Classic Template

Technology blog template

Do you like this template, please leave your comment. I'll convert it to layout template ( xml template) for you.

I'll share if more than 15 comments for me !!!

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At 4/30/2008, Blogger nhc1987 said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 5/01/2008, Blogger tomi harianto said...

aloww your template is very-very good

At 5/03/2008, Blogger ChristBirawan said...

nice template,

At 5/10/2008, Blogger Amit said...

yes i like the template. but i don want to implement it on mine blog.
can you make another same kind of template for my blog. 3 columns and very simple and looks informative.

amit shah

At 5/10/2008, Blogger Krishna Kumar said...

Yo! this template roxs. I was actually looking for this kinda template. Glad if u would make it available to the bloggers.

At 5/10/2008, Blogger nhc1987 said...

Sorry friends,

I had moved all blogger templates to a new blog

Check it out at

Thanks :)

At 5/10/2008, Blogger Iphone support said...

@ amit: No problem.
I can rip that template for you and all ^_^
Please wait while 15 comments for this post. I'll design Technology Template and your template.

At 5/11/2008, Blogger JiaYao said...

i like this template very much,can you share it ,forus to free download. this template looks like

At 5/12/2008, Blogger admin said...

Great this template, share please

At 5/12/2008, Blogger daMaRzo said...

Nice template. i like this

At 5/12/2008, Blogger SambiT Rul3z said...

can i have this template

At 5/12/2008, Blogger Krishna Kumar said...

Buddy, 10 comments recieved,. Share de template for us....

At 5/13/2008, Blogger Google Adsense And Seo Ebook said...

Thanks for all comment !!!
I'm converting and 90% done !!!
I'll share for all.
Check it out:

At 5/13/2008, Blogger nhc1987 said...

Well, I am waiting :). Still 90%, not 100% now :P

Thanks for your hard work.


At 5/16/2008, Blogger Verity said...

Yes, I like it. I am interested to use it for my blog, the same three columns however, have its color modified from white to a very light-cool-combination of white-green background with flowery green meadows design both sides including the navbar wherein the title of my blog blinks at the center of the navigation bar.

I would appreciate it very much any modification extended to it, please let me know.

Thank you and More Power!

At 5/19/2008, Blogger Gugoogle said...

nice template.

At 6/14/2008, Blogger ఉమాశంకర్ said...

It is a clone of labnol blog template.It is a good template please share with us as soon as possible.Many of them are wating for it.It is good that you want to share with others.
Thankx..!!Hey see my blog

At 6/15/2008, Blogger uma shankar A said...

Hey..!!!Already 15 comments over!!Share that template buddy! please..
It is very good thing that you are sharing your template.
Please,share it with others soon,
They and us are really eagerly waiting for it.Please reply.

At 6/15/2008, Blogger uma shankar A said...

Thanks and I am glad for your Hard work

At 6/23/2008, Blogger pbeswar said...

Thats really nice and i am interested to use for my blog can u tell me how to get the codes please.

At 6/26/2008, Blogger ATUL DOGRA said...

Hi buddy i am still waiting for this template i have sent to request in past also . I hope i will receive it .


At 4/08/2010, Blogger zhanbin.SH said...

its a nice template!

At 11/24/2010, Blogger DesiGujju said...

it too cool i like it a lot it it on my site


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