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What do you think about pagerank ?

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how to get more google pagerankYesterday, I read this post about google pagerank .Omar Abid said about hiss blog have PR5 after 2months. I think he true, blogspot or blog build from wordpress easy to get hight pagerank.

But, I don't degree with him if you think:

Don’t link to blog directories, don’t link to much other blogs, don’t link to links so much.
- Don’t try to get a link on other blogs this is not necessary.
What do you thinks about this post!

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At 5/21/2008, Blogger ViK[RuM] said...

well, the mantra for better page rank is linking. the better links you have the more chance of your PR being increased is there.there is myth tha google updates listing in three months, but thats not true some PR's have even increased in one month also. so just keep on sharing your links and you will see drastic results

Did you see it? One more time? You won't get faked out here!


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